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A Recreational League That LISTENS
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Registrations for Individual Players & NEW Teams for the Fall 2019 Season - Open Now -

Easy to Schedule Your Week Around!  Play the Same Night Each Week!We believe in LISTENING to the needs of volleyball players and teams and fulfilling on those needs to the best of our ability given the means we have to work with so that our teams feel heard, respected and have a sense of being included in the decisions, updates and offerings this league makes.  

We offer convenience, flexibility and a variety of skill levels that are the best fit for the players' skill sets that fit inside their busy lives.  We reward loyalty; support comaraderie and encourage sportsmanship.  We welcome teams from all recreational skill levels to come play with us whether they are a group of friends or a corporate team.

We offer co-ed leagues with a focus on a competitive balance amongst our various levels of play for players and teams who may not be blessed with an elite level of talent or skills but who love this sport and want to play it with their friends and/or colleagues as often as their busy schedules will allow.  We also offer a balance in male/female on court ratios thereby making us a 'truly co-ed' league.

We offer 3 distinct seasons.  Fall, Winter & Spring.  Fall & Winter are offered together or you can sign up for each individually while the Spring is treated as a completely separate season.  The Fall & Winter season are 10 weeks long each and have a 3-week playoff.  All prices listed include GST in the listed price so that the price you see is the price you pay - nothing more.  And if you bring another team in with you, you will receive $50 cash back per season - applicable to the Fall & Winter seasons between September and mid-April.  The Spring carries on from mid-April and goes to the end of June.

We regularly monitor and evaluate the skill levels of our teams (based on results) and will shift teams to more appropriate divisions within the same night that they choose to play within the Fall & Winter sessions. 

This FUN league is a simple, indoor volleyball league that plays between mid-September to the end of the year (Session 1 - Fall), January to mid-April (Session 2 - Winter) and mid-April to the end of June (Session 3) at various school gymnasiums within the boundaries of the City of Vancouver.

By keeping all the games within the city, it reduces travel time and focuses on the most important part of the game...PLAYING!

We know how difficult it can be to get around at rush hour and how inconvenient it can be to play games in Burnaby, Richmond or Surrey if you live in Vancouver or even if you live in those communities but work in Vancouver, it's just easier to stay in the city rather than fighting rush hour to get to a volleyball game!

We don't have many meetings (one every few years and an introduction night for new teams) or a lot of complicated rules but do rely heavily on email communications and communication via this website between our team captains and the league.  We focus on the basics, we:

  • make our schedules,
  • have teams come and play for at least 90 minutes the same night every week (except holidays),
  • teams set-up and/or tear down the nets and then go home after completion! 

...There's virtually no waiting around for your turn to play if you come right at the scheduled game time which means there's no wasted time.  We're not fancy!  We just do the logistics and you do the playing and score reporting! 

You should also know that in almost all cases there is only ever one game going on in each gym so play never has to be interrupted on account of a "BALL" call because there's a stray ball on the court.

All NEW volleyball teams are encouraged to play in our 'MSC' or 'MSR' divisions to start (if one is available on the night you want to play!).  Returning teams are moved into the same division they finished last season in when carried forward (as long as there are enough teams to sustain that division). 

You can pay for Seasons 1 & 2 together if you wish.  New Teams can register between July 1st to the second full week of September.  There are playoff tournaments (modified single knockout) where everyone participates (note despite single-knockout, all teams still get 3 playoff games to play). 

Teams ARE welcome to join the league for the first full 2 seasons when they register (or re-register, in the case of returning teams) between July and early September.  Or teams can join one season at a time.  The registrations for the Spring League is not combined with any other season and registrations are done separately in February/March.  Playoffs are included for each season. 

Games are usually to 25 points and teams must win by 2 or else it's the first team to 27.   Matches are the best-of-5-games.

We play almost all the standard FIVB rules and have a simple set of additional rules that you can access right off this website.  The rules can be found on the 'Rules' page (see link on the left side of this page) or you can download a pdf version of the most up-to-date version here.


Vancouver Indoor VolleyballThere are 5 levels of play that range from the most competitive to the most social  where skills and technique are not overly important. 

The league may decide to move teams up or down a division at the end of each season to better balance the level of competition but only within the same night of the week.  The current skill levels offered are: BSC (Balanced Skill Competitive), MSC (Mixed Skill Competitive), BSR (Mixed Skill Recreational) & Rec (short for Recreational). 

Currently we offer the following divisions (we prefer if new teams who are considering joining the most competitive division right away, actually start in the 'MSC' division for the start of the season...if your team does well in MSC after the first 5 weeks of the season, we will move you into 'BSC' during the reseeding process that occurs at the 5-week mark!):

  • Monday Intermediate Women's '6's' Nights
  • Tuesday 'BSC' (Balanced Skill-Competitive)
  • Tuesday 'MSC' (Mixed Skill Competitive) - East
  • Tuesday 'MSC' (Mixed Skill Competitive) - West
  • Tuesday 'MSR' (Mixed Skill Recreational) - East
  • Tuesday 'MSR' (Mixed Skill Recreational) - West
  • Tuesday 'Rec'
  • Wednesday 'BSC'
  • Wednesday 'MSC'- East
  • Wednesday 'MSC'- West
  • Wednesday 'MSR' - East
  • Wednesday 'MSR' - West
  • Wednesday 'Rec'
  • Thursday 'BSC' 
  • Thursday 'MSC'
  • Friday 'King & Queen of the Hill' Competition (All Mens, All Womens & Coed)

For a more detailed description of the levels of play, please click here to read more...

Also in December 2018, we will be offering opportunities for players who'd like to play more volleyball a chance to be evaluated to see if they would be a good fit for our Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Mixed Teams as well our Monday Women's group.  These "MIXED" teams are designed to play in either the 'MSC' or 'MSR' division depending on the evaluated level of the team.  

If players are NOT recommended to join any of these groups, they are encouraged to join one of our weekly clinics to develop their volleyball skills if it is determined that the player could use more skill 'tuning'.  If a player is deemed too strong for our league's general level of play, we may encourage that player to join a league that would be suit his/her skills for their benefit and enjoyment.

There are fees to sign up for the clinics, specialty nights and Mixed Teams and the prices for these will be posted in the Pricing page of the website.  Players on teams who play in the 'Rec' divisions who don't have a game on their regularly scheduled night may be able to have a free clinic night arranged for them if a coach can be secured. 

As mentioned earlier, our Co-ed leagues play a "true" co-ed game where there are 3 men and 3 women on the court.  4-&-2 ratios are NOT allowed.  We ARE also offering Women's Intermediate 6's on Mondays.  

The age of our players can vary anywhere from 18 or older and the key emphasis is on fair competition, in a social, recreational environment.  We are also a league that encourages sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct at all times especially since games are self-officiated.

The next opportunity teams will have to join our league will be on May 16th, 2019.  The final day for registering for the next (i.e. Fall) session is Wednesday September 4th, 2019.  Coed play will also begin on the week starting on September 17th, 2019 while the Monday Intermediate Women's Group will begin play on Monday, September 9th, 2019.  Registration into the Women's Group will only be done through the Womens Evaluation Nights (times 7 dates still to be announced.).

Our latest 'KEY Registration Info' page list full details on how to register and has links to other support pages that include a video that shows you how to register if you need some extra help.


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